The muse is an interesting element of any creative process whether it’s teaching a yoga class, creating a work of art, writing a story or almost anything which involves bringing something into being. My darling friend and wonderful mentor Shiloh Sophia McCloud often talks about the importance of the muse-how it drives us, how we respond to it and its importance in our work as creative beings. A little bit ago she asked me to write about the relationship I have to my muse. I thought it would be fun to share and I’d love to hear about the connection and interactions you have with yours!

My muse and I generally have a pretty fun, wild, adventurous relationship. At times she shows up unbidden and when I least expect her…driving my son to school, doing a difficult yoga pose, or listening to some random song on the radio. She clamors for my attention, tapping me relentlessly, her voice even carrying above the din of my dogs barking or my son screeching. She sings, dances and gesticulates wildly, throwing more ideas at me than I can handle. She doesn’t realize, or care, that I have an endless “to do” list, leaving me struggling between my desire to go with her on some great quest and my need to make dinner. She is the crazy wild friend-the one my mother may not have approved of; wearing flamboyant clothes, dancing on tables, and keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning. She can be an irrational, narcissistic, unrealistic drama queen, but she’s so much fun, so extravagant, brilliant, and funny she can be hard to turn down. She does have a softer side too. At times I pray specifically for her guidance as I’m falling asleep or as I sit in meditation or when I’m lying, brainstorming and planning, on the couch in my studio. She’ll sit down quietly next to me, grab my hand, be the big sister I’ve never had. Not confined to the tangible, material plane as most friends are, she whispers to me in dreams of which I can only grasp elements when I wake. Other times, when I’m fully awake, she uses my mind as a screen upon which she projects fantastical, vibrant, colorful images. So many and so extravagant I often don’t even have the means to create them myself. She and I are a team-sometimes pitted against our seeming nemesis, time. Or perhaps they are the enemies and I the unwitting (and usually unsuccessful) moderator between the two. My muse is, after all, pushy and stubborn, though ultimately no real match for such a formidable foe. And we’ve had our rough patches. There are still times she’ll stand me up and leave me wondering if I did something to offend her. It may be hard on her too…I don’t always have the time or energy to cultivate our relationship or give her the attention she wants. But we always find one another again eventually, she pushes me to be my best, my most interesting, creative and colorful self. She’s in my heart and soul, or IS my heart and soul, as finding my muse has truly been finding myself.

How about you?