I was recently reading an article which said that “inspire”, when broken down to its Latin roots, can be translated into “breathing in the divine”. It’s such a beautiful concept and so apt; breathing is vital for life itself, as is creativity. It is an essential element of our existence as humans, an inherent, compulsive drive-to make, build, give form, structure or voice to something and, to me, is how we reflect divinity.  And I agree that this “breath”, this breathing in, is precisely what a moment of inspiration feels like, as though you have been taken in by or been given a glimpse into that place of infinite possibility and sumptuous imagination. It takes you out of your current state, out of “reality” and into a realm of bliss where colors, visions, and ideas come in bursts and gusts.  When creative inspiration takes hold, it feels as though the work of soul comes rising, almost bubbling up to the surface, so anxious to be expressed.

When I look at a beautiful sculpture, hear an exquisite song, or read a masterfully written book, it is so obvious to me that the creator is just extremely tapped into their source or soul. They have allowed themselves to be receptive and open, to free themselves, even temporarily, from the constraints of normalcy and complacency. They have been driven to answer the call of the divine, to create, which can so often feel daunting and scary. They’ve had too many critiques and dissenters, too much self-doubt and insecurity. But somehow they persevere. Ultimately, the supremacy of inspiration vanquishes the power of fear and a new creation is born, or breathed, into existence.

And what a gift inspiration is! Inspiration can come from so many sources, and the more you open yourself up to it, the more you can find it in almost anything. A sunset becomes an opus of form and color; a leaf, a study of symmetry and texture; and a painting, the backdrop and ambiance for someone else’s song. It all comes down to receptivity, to listening, to awareness. To indulging possibility and imagination, even if the end product has no relation to the original inspired thought, or even if there is no product in the end at all. For so often it is about the journey itself. The process of letting ourselves tap into that deep reservoir of beauty available to us everywhere if we just take, or make the time to do it. So, take a moment to focus your intention and awareness on being the vehicle of divinity you are meant to be. Envision yourself as the conduit, pulling inspiration through your crown where it fuses with your heart and pours forth through your hands. Then, get some paint on your paintbrush, put on your gardening gloves, turn up the music and start dancing, or do whatever it is that is calling to you. Breath it in, then create!