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Redefining Ourselves

4:11 pm|

I have been recently thinking quite a bit about labels and how often we are being defined by our actions and behaviors-either by ourselves or by others. As the mother of a young child and spending lots of time with family and friends with children, I have found myself saying or hear other moms say “my son is outgoing" or "he’s stubborn” or my niece is "gifted” or she “has a temper”.  I am struck by how often we use labels to create a container of reference for [...]

Living Mindfully in the Age of Distraction

4:10 pm|

I've had a bit of an awakening over the last week or two. I am currently working on a variety of projects and while I enjoy the majority of them I had been feeling a bit frazzled. When I would sit down to work on my computer, I would open a variety of documents and have a number of tabs running, switching between all of them repeatedly. When a few hours would go by (and eventually days and even weeks working under the same conditions) I would feel [...]

Dancing with My Muse!

3:55 pm|

The muse is an interesting element of any creative process whether it's teaching a yoga class, creating a work of art, writing a story or almost anything which involves bringing something into being. My darling friend and wonderful mentor Shiloh Sophia McCloud often talks about the importance of the muse-how it drives us, how we respond to it and its importance in our work as creative beings. A little bit ago she asked me to write about the relationship I have to my muse. I thought it would [...]

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Breathing In

3:23 pm|

I was recently reading an article which said that “inspire”, when broken down to its Latin roots, can be translated into “breathing in the divine”. It's such a beautiful concept and so apt; breathing is vital for life itself, as is creativity. It is an essential element of our existence as humans, an inherent, compulsive drive-to make, build, give form, structure or voice to something and, to me, is how we reflect divinity.  And I agree that this “breath”, this breathing in, is precisely what a moment of inspiration [...]

Whether it’s singing, writing, dancing, doing yoga, painting, gardening, redoing furniture, or designing anything from jewelry to pillows to rooms to events; I thrive on soulful expression, saturated hues, bold patterns, excessive adjectives, and other manifestations of beauty.


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