Hello, I’m Heidi Damata!

I’m a colorful soul who stands for celebrating and promoting beauty as a sacred, essential calling. I seek to provide clients with meaningful art, ideas, and inspiration which resonate with a deep part of their soul.

I am endlessly inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, and equally by the unbelievable work and art created by engaged, divinely directed humans.

My highest goal, always, is to help people connect with a sense of beauty and its intrinsic goodness; to know that seeing, celebrating, and understanding beauty in its myriad forms is essential to preserving it.

Heidi Damata - Artist Designer Colorful Soul

Colorful Soul Imprints

Colorful Soul Imprints are portraits which aim to capture your inherent beauty, color, energy, and essence. Each one can serve as a reflection of your highest self and provide a lasting legacy of a moment in time or a step forward on your journey.

View the gallery of Colorful Soul portraits, read more about the collaborative creative process, and check the FAQ for answers to common questions:

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Heidi Damata - Colorful Soul Imprints
Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Heidi Damata is a consummate creative who brings her eye for beauty and color to everything she does. Her vision holds an eclectic – while at the same time somehow also classic- line and curve. I have worked with her on design projects and purchased jewelry for myself as well as my gallery. For my art studio I ordered DIVINE custom pillows which she created to match who I am; if I was a pillow I would be these pillows! As an artist I am proud that we have mutual collectors who show both of our work in their homes. I love her eye and often ask her counsel on combinations and design choices.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Artist, Teacher, Poet

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